Our long day care offers 3 different classrooms catering for 20 months -6 years olds. Qualified Early
Childhood teachers work in each classroom in order to enhance the development of Toddlers and
Preschoolers in the different stages of their learning.

The children, guided by our highly trained and experienced Educators, explore the environment
and their interests during extended blocks of play and spontaneous and planned group
experiences and project work.

The Ballykin curriculum values the importance of play based learning following the Early Years
Learning Framework. The educational program promotes each child’s ability to think critically, be
curious, problem solve and take calculated risks. Intentional teaching which is reflective of the
children’s interests and current knowledge, guides the implementation of learning experiences
across Language and Literacy, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering Maths), Sustainability,
the Creative Arts and Health and Wellbeing.

We work closely with families to develop trust in each other, sharing insights and perspectives
through open communication and mutual decision-making. Our Educators encourage children to
develop an understanding of their right to belong to many communities and the reciprocal rights
and responsibilities necessary for active community participation.

This culminates in a Preschool program focused on equipping children with life skills, fostering an
enquiring mind and a readiness to commence their ongoing learning journey through to school and

You are invited to discover a learning environment full of opportunity, fun, wonder and delight for
your child at Ballykin!

What’s included:
– Three nutritious meals prepared freshly on the premises each day.
– Hats, nappies and sunscreen are provided.
– Regular French classes for ages 3-5.
– Teams of professionally-certified early childhood education specialists.
– Regular family events enabling you to be part of the educational program and develop strong
relationships with other families in our community.
– Educational programs focussed on building relationships and learning amongst the local
community including incursions with local community services and excursions visiting local places
and services.

Mosman Centre- Convenient location near Military Rd, Mosman High School, Mosman Village, Spit Rd and Balmoral Beach.

Ballykin Mosman is open from 7:45 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. 50 weeks of each year.

Rose Bay Centre – Convenient location near New South Head Rd, Rose Bay Beach, Vaucluse Rd and North Bondi.

Ballykin Rose Bay is open from 8:00 a.m. – 5:30 p.m. 50 weeks of each year.

*The Childcare Subsidy is are available for eligible families.