Ballykin Early Learning Centres

At Ballykin we care, with the needs and wellbeing of each child at the core of everything we do. We believe in community and take a collaborative approach to the education of the children. We work closely with our families, listening to their needs and sharing our insights and perspectives.

The Ballykin Team

All our Early Learning Centres have their own on-site Director and a full complement of dedicated educators and support staff. Our highly experienced teams are passionate, dedicated and focussed on both the wellbeing and development of the children in their care. Click on the buttons below to meet our teams.

Our Approach

Community is at the heart of everything we do - the children, our families, the Ballykin team and those in our local neighbourhood. We have created a diverse and inclusive environment where the children are nurtured and inspired to become curious, creative thinkers, able to embrace change and share their experiences.

Ballykin children are encouraged to explore their environment and to develop their own personal interests. This is achieved during extended blocks of play, as well as spontaneous and planned group experiences, and project work. The Ballykin curriculum values the importance of play based learning and follows the Early Years Learning Framework.

Our educational program promotes each child’s ability to think critically, be curious, problem solve and take calculated risks. Intentional teaching which is reflective of the children’s interests and current knowledge, guides the implementation of learning experiences across Language and Literacy, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering Maths), Sustainability, the Creative Arts and Health and Wellbeing.

Our Values


We believe that the children should love their time at Ballykin. Our proven play based curriculum and highly experienced, nurturing team ensures that the children learn through fun, positive experiences that encourage creativity, exploration and sharing.


Ballykin offers secure environments that are designed to ensure the safety of the children. Our centres utilise secure drop-off/pickup zones, well-considered layouts and modern technology to create a safe space for the children and peace of mind for their families.


The design of our centres, passionate team and innovative curriculum, all combine to create environments where the children are nurtured and inspired to become curious, creative thinkers, able to embrace change and to share their experiences.


Community is at the heart of everything we do. At Ballykin we believe that through mutual respect, open dialogue and understanding, we are able to support our families and create a safe and nurturing environment for the children to grow, develop and thrive.


Sustainability is a core principle at Ballykin and has a major impact on the way we run our Early Learning Centres. The children are encouraged reuse and recycle, and to help minimise our impact on the environment. Our goal is to become carbon neutral.


At Ballykin we have created an inclusive environment. One where diversity is valued, both in the education and care of the children, and in the make-up of our own team. The children are encouraged to explore different cultures through food, music and languages.

What Our Families Say

Feedback from both our Rose Bay & Mosman communities

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