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Ballykin Cromer - Opening Soon

Centrally Located on Sydney's Northern Beaches

Our newest Early Learning Centre, Ballykin Cromer is a large purpose built centre conveniently located next door to Cromer Golf Club. Currently being refurbished and scheduled to open in November 2022, the centre caters for children 6 months to 6 years of age. Ballykin Cromer is currently accepting enrolment applications for 2022 and 2023.

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We are currently accepting Enrolment applications at Ballykin Early Learning Centres, Cromer. To start the application process simply click on the button below and fill in the on-line form. We will then contact you as soon as a place becomes available.

A Snapshot Of Our Centre

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Ballykin Early Learning Programmes

Utilising a proven ‘Play’ based curriculum that focuses on creativity and nature, Ballykin Early Learning Centres are separated into three defined learning spaces. With the children transitioning through each age appropriate space, the Ballykin journey culminates in a school readiness program that prepares the children for the next stage of their education. Our educators build relationships with each child, creating continuity and trust as they move from class to class and progress on their Ballykin journey.

Ballykin - Early Learning Centres


6 Months to 2 Years Old
Our starting room is a nurturing, caring and supportive learning environment for your toddler to explore and experience the first stage of their early education journey. The curriculum focusses on belonging, care, autonomy, curiosity, independence and building friendships.

Ballykin Early Learning Centres


2 to 3 Years Old
A Preschool educational program designed specifically for the needs of your 3 year old child, the Wallabies room has an emphasis on a play based curriculum, inspiring creative thought and action. The curriculum focusses on creativity, investigation, challenge and resilience.

Ballykin - Early Learning Centres


3 to 5 Years Old
A preschool educational program focussed on a play based curriculum that supports children as they explore and create and specifically designed to prepare your child for School. The curriculum focusses on persistence, imagination, problem solving and own learning.

Other Classes & Activities

Ballykin Early Learning Centres offer lots of other fun classes. Available for all the children in our care, these classes are unique to the individual centres and draw on the individual skills and abilities of our in-house educators and carers.

Indigenous Culture
Facilitated by Indigenous educators, the children learn about our First Nations people and their cultural and spiritual connection to the land, sky and waterways that surround us, through music, storytelling, dance and art projects.

Using a combination of planned and spontaneous experiences the children learn about nature through interacting with our dedicated outdoor environment, including veggie garden, worm farm and bush tucker garden beds.

Many Ballykin educators are multi-lingual and are native speakers in languages other than English. Where available we facilitate classes for the children, with singing, music and cultural exchange at the core of our programme.

What Our Families Say

We Care

At Ballykin the needs and wellbeing of each child is at the core of everything we do. As part of our care program, meals are prepared fresh each day by our onsite chefs. The children are provided with three nutritious meals, as well as morning and afternoon snacks, hats, sunscreen and nappies when required.

Our Community

We believe in community and take a collaborative approach to the daily care and education of the children. We work closely with our families, listening to their needs and sharing our insights and perspectives. Our convenient location in the heart of the Northern Beaches supports our strong community focus with planned local excursions to beaches, parks, local shops, schools and other key community places.

Ballykin Early Learning Centres - Cromer
2 Toronto Ave, Cromer NSW 2099
02 4215 6500

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